Clear Aligners

Treatment with a provider you trust

Choosing Your Reveal Provider

Aligner therapy in the hands of a professional means you can rely on your provider to create a custom treatment plan based on your oral health and modify it if needed. Reveal works with local dentists and orthodontists to help you achieve an aligned bite and beautiful smile.

How to Reveal Clear Aligners Treatment Works

Start smiling in three simple steps

  • Step 1
    Choose Your Provider: After selecting the nearby provider you want to work with, you’ll receive a free in-person consultation for an evaluation and available payment options.
  • Step 2
    Receive Your Treatment Plan: Once you take records with modern technology like intraoral scanners, your provider will develop a personalised treatment plan for your smile.
  • Step 3
    Start Your Journey: Your custom-fit, ultra-clear aligners are manufactured, and your provider will carefully monitor your progress to ensure you get a smile you love.

Straighten teeth safely with clear aligners.

There’s more to aligning smiles than just straight teeth! Reveal only works with dentists and

orthodontists who can evaluate your oral health and monitor your treatment towards a beautiful smile.

Why go with a pro?

Seeing a dentist or orthodontist for aligner treatment is an intelligent choice! You’ll reduce the risk of unforeseen complications, and if you have a dental emergency, your local provider can provide personalised help and advice much faster than a remote dentist.
Many practices also provide virtual monitoring services, so you don’t have to come in often.

Teeth, bone, gum tissue, and more!

Moving teeth into proper alignment sounds simple enough, but it’s an intricate process affecting things like your teeth’ roots, facial bones, gum tissue, and much more. To achieve a beautiful and healthy smile, your provider will consider your facial profile and available bone for your teeth to anchor in and ensure your bite is stable at the end of treatment. 

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