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Have your oral health cared for by the dentist who has practiced dentistry
all over the world

Are you looking for a dentist to care for your family’s teeth? Perhaps you’re unhappy with your smile and looking for a professional skilled enough to change it? No matter what your needs from your dentist, look no further than Queen Street Dental Surgery.

At our practice we pride ourselves on our ability to re-create smiles. From straightening teeth and creating new ones to treating gum problems and reconstructing them, you’re guaranteed to walk away from us with a newfound confidence.

If you’re looking for a clean and modern dental surgery to care for your oral health you couldn’t be in better hands. Dr Edres – along with his dentist wife Dr Alfadel – have over 60 years experience between them, practising dentistry in a number of countries including Sweden and the Middle East.

“As a result of our dedication to delivering unrivalled dental care, we are often visited by loyal patients who have moved away. Today, as well as caring for the teeth and gums of those in Wymondham, Norwich and the surrounding areas, we also have patients travel from Peterborough, Kings Lynn and even London to see us.”

Dr Edres
Dr Edres Owner and Head Dentist

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