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Root Canal Treatment

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Successful root canal treatment is down to the dentist performing the procedure

Just like the majority of medical procedures, the overall success of the treatment is down to the person performing it. The great news for you is that at Queen Street Dental Surgery, we have Dr Edres.

Our owner Dr Edres has over 30 years’ experience practicing dentistry and as a result, he is able to offer the majority of treatments at specialist level, including root canals.

A root canal is conducted when the root of the tooth – the part that anchors the tooth into the jawbone – becomes infected. The nerve of the tooth must then be removed, washed and re-filled to prevent further infection.

Lots of people think that because they are not in pain they do not need a root canal. However, left to develop, the bacteria in the tooth will travel into the gums and cause a painful abscess (collection of pus), inflammation and extreme discomfort.

When he conducts a root canal, Dr Edres will do everything in his power to save your tooth and allow it to remain in your mouth (without the nerve). However, this depends on how infected your root system is, whether or not this is your first root canal treatment, and if you have a crown on the tooth that is in question.

A root canal is generally conducted under local anaesthetic. In fact, most of our patients say it is no more painful than receiving a filling. If you are particularly anxious about your treatment, please discuss this with your dentist.

If you would like more information about root canal treatment, or to book an appointment at our surgery please contact us by calling 01953 602753 or by sending an email to queensdentalreception@outlook.com. For out of hours emergencies please call 07818 266 357